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At Fashor and Eagar, our commitment to deal in only the best has narrowed our focus to distinctive pieces, the “blue chips”, so to speak, of African art. From distinguished classics to one-of-a-kinds, we offer discerning art and antiquities from all parts of Africa.

About Us

Fashor and Eagar, African Fine Art Brokers and Auctioneers.

Fashor and Eagar, are purveyors of fine African art.  At Fashor and Eagar, we strive not so much to offer mere reproductions, relics and mundane ritual implements just because they proclaim to be from Africa, but aged art forms originally created as much for function as for beauty.

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Our Team

We have been closely working together for over 10 years, assisting patrons of the arts to enhance their collections as well as continually searching for that next outstanding piece of African art that could be presented to this discerning market.

African Art Appraisal


Craig Fashoro (B.A., M. Sc., ISA), is a professionally accredited African Art Appraiser and Consultant , as well as the President and CEO of African Quintessence, the firm he founded over twenty years ago. His practice is dedicated solely to African art, artifacts, antiquities, contemporary African decorative arts, and African hand-made fabric and textile arts.


Craig earned his college degrees in African art and history and his masters degree in Communications. He is also a graduate of the International Society of Appraisers-University of Maryland University College.

Having obtained his education in Africa, Europe (British) and North America (USA), he has intimate knowledge of the African peoples, including the different cultures, religions, art, languages and cuisines. Early contact with African art was a matter of good fortune. Craig’s father, Chief Eleazer A. O. Fashoro (1916 – 1993), was the Accountant General of the then Western Region, (later Western State)of Nigeria.

Fine African art dealer


Frank Eagar, originally from South Africa, but now primarily based in Jupiter, Florida has been a patron, collector and dealer for most of his adult life.  Specializing in the high-end auction caliber of African art, Frank spent many years traveling to and from Africa in search of those ‘lost’ masterpieces that could be placed in worthy collections around the world.


Frank, over the years has been able to place exceptional items of African art with his clientele, while developing his own outstanding collection.